What started out as an idea (and some light nagging) turned into a completed project – 12 episodes! Interviews with likeminded individuals shaping their future through passion, guts and embracing the unknown.

“You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

WeCreatePodcast – Season 1 is complete and it is time to say THANKS TO ALL THAT SHARED in it. We featured Nadia, Alfred, Johnny, Nosipho, Stephan, Nic, Claire, Rut, Leon, and Jak. Have a listen to their stories if you haven’t yet.

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THANKS once again to each and everyone that shared in the journey: from the stories we covered to the comments and feedback we received from listeners.  We appreciate it all and hope everyone got something positive from all of this. We did.


Nichelle and Deidre

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