We met through music. His music has a pull that can only be described as passionate. He has had many names throughout the years, but his drive to create, explore and understand the world better, has been consistent.

Jak Tomas is a musician and artist that can’t imagine a life without creating.

Jak Tomas – he has an ear for music, an eye for photography and a taste for the good things in life. I got introduced to him when he was performing under his birth name, and if you are interested in what it sounds like, you can look up Joshua Grierson. Having said that, we are eagerly awaiting his next piece of work. In the meantime, you can have a sneak peek at the new sound and latest release on SoundCloud.

You can follow him here:  https://jaktomas.com/

Soundcloud: @iamjaktomas

Instagram: @iamjaktomas

Facebook: Jak Tomas

Facebook: Appreciation Station


Most of our conversation was around his introduction to music, his relationship with his dad and the world around him. We also touched on the ongoing challenge between the business of selling art vs creating and making things. And he shares the story of how the name JAK TOMAS came about. Enjoy the show.