Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists for work formed good training for The Cloete family’s adventure planning. Twelve hotspots in South Africa, 12 months to explore them.

Today’s episode is about a family that decided to put dreams into actions, move their business and responsibilities online, and take one year of their lives to add a lifetime of memories to their personal stories. You will hear Rut Cloete share how they set up for this experience and what they have learned so far.

Humans are adaptable. This is now our normal life.

Die Roete van die Cloetes – What I love about their story is how they had a dream, plotted it down, simply planned and structured their business in a way that can work for them and then went for it. What might seem to others like such a big deal is now this family’s new normal – living life on the road and making each new place their home while they are there.

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You might think you need to have a creative job to allow for an adventure, but this family is an example of how the right mindset can get you the adventure anyway.

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Looking for someone to assist with your payroll? Their business, Mediant Solutions, is your answer.


Photo credit: @dieroetevandiecloetes

You can also find out more about Ruts book (written with her mom): Sophia Charlotte Verhaal