Nosipho Dumisa writes scripts filled with drama and suspense, but her own story is one of hard work, staying focused, trying to keep a balance and knowing what is important – family, friends and good relationships. 

Nosipho believes in always trying to be a nice person. Which she aces.

Nosipho agreed to meet me for an interview in their offices and studio in Cape Town. This is the place where they film and produce Suidooster, a South African daily soap that has seen great success and was also one of their biggest projects to date.  We worked together in advertising and have seen many late nights and deadlines together. It was great to see what they have worked so hard for, has come to life. As always, I was greeted with a great smile. Nosipho found us an office to sit in. This interview (as all our interviews) are recorded on a cell phone – a  little ironic to do so while you are in such a large and professional production house, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is just a conversation between two girls – as authentic and open as possible.

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Gambit Films is an independent, award-winning film and television production company comprised of a talented and diverse collective of filmmakers. Our mission is to produce world-class entertainment for local and international audiences. Our drive is to create, develop and produce stories from all corners of the globe.

Some of the music Nosipho refers to in the episode:

Jeremy Loops

uFezekile –

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