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I met Alfred dancing in a university production. We both were dressed in black tights from top to bottom and were maneuvering around the stage in dramatic gestures of self-taught mime and modern dancing. Things haven’t changed much over the years. We both still seem to navigate our way around with some creative flair and often find ourselves in tights, either climbing or mountain biking or simply just for fun. 

It turns out we have more in common than our alma mater and after all the years we have stayed in contact and often share projects. 

All jokes aside, I have been fortunate to have worked with Alfred and are always astonished at his level of enthusiasm and dedication. I really do not know where he gets all the energy.

I have seen Alfred grow as a photographer and his sensitive eye has captured many on the trail running tracks, at events and in offbeat moments.

Alfred Thorpe, aka @Vuurtoring, and I had our interview in his car, after a meeting with a client in Stellenbosch. It could not have been more fitting: use what you have and make it work for you.

He mentions in his interview that he tries to master whatever he does, while he is doing it. I have seen this in action many times when working with him. It is with creatives like these that I choose to spend my time; the ones that push you to try what you haven’t before and have fun while you are doing it.

Thanks for bringing your energy (and wine) to so many occasions. Until next time.

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VUURTORING: “Light has been a major theme in the development of my business. Initially, I only saw tungsten, the material that causes a light to shine. When I got the bigger picture (as the vision of my business grew), this light turned out to be a lighthouse (vuurtoring).

A vuurtoring represents and defines a big part of who I am. I like to face the storms and take on new challenges. I’ve got a strong belief system which is like a lighthouse with its foundation planted on the rocks, facing whatever comes its way.” – Alfred

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