I met Nadia many years ago through mutual friends and I have always known there is something special about her. There was always a good connection. So a couple of years ago I asked Nadia to be the DJ at our wedding and this was where I really saw Nadia shine – she captured the mood through music and she really came alive doing so.

Nadia is a matchmaker of music and moments.

Nadia Sanetra – the owner of TOMBI DJ’s came for a chat at my place late one Sunday afternoon in July. She had lavender in her pocket that she had picked while helping a friend prune their vineyard. After having some coffee and nibbling on popcorn, we quickly got stuck into the conversation and in less than an hour or so I was yet again impressed by Nadia’s knowledge of music and her passion for the industry.  I am very excited to share with you Nadia’s story and vision and how she created TOMBi (a name derived from the Zulu word for girl, ntombi, and the English word tomboy) the DJ collective.

For more info on Nadia or the Dj collective, check out her website: www.tombidjs.co.za

You can also follow her on:

Facebook  @tombidjs

Instagram  @tombidjs

TOMBi DJs not only pride themselves on being music specialists and expert selectors but also on their technical skill. To them, DJing is like a conversation in body language – they constantly assess what their audience is feeling, how they’re reacting and what’s happening to the overall mood at the event. This is what tells them which tunes to dig out and which ones to cross out.

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Photo credits: Jana Heyns and Wesley Vorster